Coupon Codes

If you are reading this, it’s because you have earned a coupon code by volunteering at a recent NASA FL event. Thanks again for your hard work!

As per this page, we have a “work 2 drive 1” system which means for every weekend you work, you get a coupon code equal to 50% off the price of a HPDE weekend (in 2015 this amount is $225.00.) You will receive this code via email from Jon, usually less than 2 weeks after the event you worked.

To use a code and get the discount you must register for your normal run group at the applicable event page linked from or and enter it in the appropriate box when you check out.

Codes can be used for all regular Florida Region events (i.e. not events in other regions, not split events with Southeast at Road Atlanta or Daytona, not Championships.)

Codes expire at the end of the next season, so anything you earn in 2014 will expire 12/31/15 and anything you earn in 2015 will expire 12/31/16.

Please protect and save these codes when they are emailed to you since they are worth money to anyone who knows what they are. Also because it’s a bit of a pain to access ’em again after the fact. Of course they can absolutely be transferred, sold, given away, traded, or whatever helps you the most (example: find someone to give you $200 or whatever privately, then send ’em the code Jon sent you, and have ’em use it toward their own registration.)

Also please email Jon if you want to “stack” two codes and get a fully free weekend, as he will need to work some magic in the registration system beforehand.

Thanks again!