New for 2013: Driver Tuning and Double Down!

New for 2013, DRIVER TUNING is NASA’s affordable introduction to the world of advanced driving instruction. This program will only be offered at a limited number of premier NASA events and is only open to qualified racers, TT’ers, instructors, and experienced HPDE3/HPDE4 drivers. The flat fee includes your weekend entry in an advanced HPDE group and several sessions with a professional driving coach. Methods are custom-tailored to suit your goals and may include in-car instruction, out-of-car coaching, flyer laps for data acquisition, data comparison / interpretation, and more! Available soon for for April 27-28 at Sebring.

Also new for 2013 and specifically for intermediate/advanced HPDE drivers, the DOUBLE DOWN is a specially discounted supersize offer meant to maximize the amount of time you spend on track. For a flat rate you will get your choice of all the usual sessions in two different run groups all weekend long. You can run in TT and HPDE4, HPDE4 and HPDE3, or HPDE3 and HPDE2 (all normal qualifications and rules for each run group shall apply.) Per day you could then tentatively enjoy six 20min sessions and two 25min sessions. PER DAY. That’s more than FIVE-AND-A-HALF HOURS of scheduled track time total, spread across SIXTEEN track sessions! Double Down entries will be available at all remaining 2013 events.