Statement About COVID-19

NASA Florida continues to be concerned about your safety and well being. We want to also continue to provide an outlet for you to have fun, relax and enjoy your car on-track. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we will continue to monitor the recommendations and guidelines of the CDC and implement their best practices to minimize the spread of this virus. We will be taking extra precautions with drivers, guests and staff. As our events approach we will continue to share with you updates of any changes through email and social media. We are fortunate that our gatherings are smaller and outdoors where risks of being infected are lower than large indoor gatherings of people. We also feel that NASA folks are able to make your own smart decisions and measure your own personal level of risk based on CDC recommendations based on your age and health conditions. With that being said, it is our plan to continue to host all of our Florida events in 2020. Get your track car ready and let’s go have fun! Click here for our schedule.